Sunday, 26 April 2009

Automat goes downhill

I went for brunch to Automat this weekend and I have to say I was hugely disappointed and probably won't be returning, ever again. I rarely use the words ever again as I like to give places the benefit of the doubt but in this case it was fairly unforgivable, and here's why...

I used to be a fan of Automat, it was always a reliable choice with decent food, reasonable prices for that area of London and decent service. This time I noticed that they had increased their prices and massively decreased their service - maybe the credit crunch has hit them? Or maybe not, as we were forced to wander from Cecconi's to The Wolseley (both full 'til 4pm we were told). Clearly, Londoners appetite for a good Brunch has not dininished.

We asked for tap water three times. My eggs benedict were cold when they arrived and then when I cut into them they whites were not cooked all the way through. I have a bit of a problem with raw egg whites so this was particularly unpleasant for me! The muffin of the eggs benedict was not toasted and so was nicely soggy. Our toast was toasted on one side and soft on the other and one of the accompanying jams had already been opened. All round pretty awful, in fact there was really nothing redeeming.

When we complained I was offered another but by that time it was too late. We still didn't have any tap water. So we mentioned this as well and asked politely for the service not to be included. The bill (and two glasses of tap water - on the house) were returned along with a muttered comment from our displeased waitress about how the service was only a pound anyway (you cheap bastards).

All in all, avoid Automat. For better brunch suggestions see my Sunday Brunch post here.

33 Dover Street, Mayfair, W1S 4NF. 020 7499 3033.

Ps. I once saw a chef walking into the kitchen with a Tesco's bag full of mince - all USDA Certified beef? I think not.

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