Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Two-for-one Offers

I have to say there is one aspect of the Credit Crunch that I am very much enjoying: the proliferation of restaurant vouchers circulating on the internet. Pizza Express, Zizzi's, Cafe Rouge, GBK, Yo! Sushi, you name it, there's probably a voucher. Plus, they seem to be working out well as these places are always packed and the vouchers keep on flowing...

Pizza Express - Voucher here

An old favourite that I went off for a while when the pizzas shrank (they also made the plates smaller hoping people wouldn't notice). I like their Romana pizzas - big and thin. Not so keen on their Chicken Caesar Salad, weird dressing. Still, you can't go too far wrong here.

Zizzi's - Voucher here

Pizza Express' older and more mature brother, quieter, more civilised with fewer kids. I'm a big fan of their pizzas and their toppings seem to be much better quality than in Pizza Express - when you ask for ham you get pancetta.

GBK - Voucher here

When these first opened I remember being very impressed with the burgers - flavoursome and tender meat. That seems to have fallen away a bit recently and the meat tends to be fairly average these days (cost cutting?). Still, excellent value with the voucher and they are still proper, meaty burgers.

Cafe Rouge - Voucher here

I have to admit, I've never been a huge fan of Cafe Rouge - perhaps it is those French waiters? The advantage here is that you can get buy one get one free on a nice steak and there are more upmarket options on the menu than the other places listed in this post. This will also take you away from the standard pizza-pasta fare which does get a little tiresome.

Strada - Voucher here

Strada - Another one I have mixed views on. I like that you can get pizza, pasta, salads or meaty things and I have had a couple of fairly decent meals there. The spinach and avocado salad is also highly recommended. Generally, I feel quite let down buy the blandness of most of the food and the haphazard service. Still if it's half price, why not!?

Still hungry?

This trend even seems to be spreading upmarket too, but in the form of really good value set menus. £39.50 for three courses at Pied a Terre and £18.50 (!) for three courses at Daphne's... Might give one of those a try next week - look out for the review!

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